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 Why “Japanese” Massage Chairs?

… After spending more time on massage chairs, you’ll realize the mechanism of Japanese chairs are different from other chairs in the market. You will also find out the Japanese chairs’ motion are more delicate and elaborate. The key factor in the robotic massage chair is how closely to mimic the hands of massage therapists. The cheaper the chair the less flexible the kneading motion toward the body and the less range of motion. The more advanced the chair the better following the points of body you want to relax. Realizing human-hands like motions comes from highly researched robotics ….

 History of Massage Chairs

1954: The First Wooden Massage Chair from Fujiryoki Company in Japan
1960 ~ 1970’s: 4 Kneading Balls, Automatic Massage Chairs,
1970 ~ 1980’s: Massage Chairs with Multiple Functions
1980 ~ 1990’s: Rolling, airbags, and combined massage
1990 ~ 2000’s: Body scanning, feet, arm massage
2000 ~ Present: Space saving, foot rollers, 3D massage, speaker connection, negative oxygen ionization and many more new technology is incorporated. The most recent technology is 4D massage which simulates human-hands like motion …